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458 Socom Ammo | 458 Socom  | .458 Socom Ammo.

458 Socom Ammo the general purpose of developing the 458 SOCOM  Ammo was to create a round that was

completely compatible with the M4 Carbine but have more stopping power than the 5.56 NATO.

The 458 SOCOM in its final form is a lengthened .50 AE case. Even the original

prototypes bore the .50 AE headstamp which caused confusion initially because

the case is longer and has a narrower rim.

This cartridge is a great brush gun as well as a low-velocity home defense cartridge.

Most of the bullet weights range from 300 to 500 grain with several major manufacturers

making factory ammo this is definitely a good contender for many situations. 458 SOCOM

naming convention is quite simple. 458 refers to the bullet diameter of .458 inches. SOCOM

comes from the special operations command who initially had the idea and desire to make the round.

458 Socom Ammo Upper | 458 Socom Ammo For Sale | .458 Socom.

The 458 SOCOM (aka: 11.5x40mm RB) is a large caliber cartridge designed for use on the AR15/M4 platform.

It was developed by Marty ter Weeme, founder of Teppo Jutsu LLC in 2000. The impetus was an informal

(“beer and barbeque”) discussion with a senior member of the US special operations

community regarding the apparent lack of effectiveness of the 5.56 x 45 rifle cartridge

in a recent conflict. In particular, the reports from members of Task Force Ranger in

Mogadishu, Somalia as part of Operation Gothic Serpent that multiple shots were

required to neutralize members of the opposing force led to the request to develop a

new cartridge that would deliver far more energy from short barrels at relatively

short distances. After the design was completed, Tony Rumore of Tromix Corp in

Broken Arrow, OK was contacted to build the first prototype.

Based on the favorable reviews, commercial production was started and the initial

rifles were produced by Tromix. Marty contacted me, Buddy Singleton, at Southern

Ballistic Research, LLC (SBR) in Brunswick, GA, and asked me to develop factory l

oaded ammunition for the 458 SOCOM. In addition to law enforcement and military

applications, 458 SOCOM ammo has become a very popular hunting cartridge

for medium and large game. Also, in late 2020, the CIP Committee reached out

to SBR about the 458 SOCOM, and in November 2021 the 458 SOCOM was CIP approved.

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Availability is almost a cuss word now in the gun world as ammo manufacturers work

tirelessly to catch up to consumer demand as people stockpile ammo and continue to

want to train, hunt, and practice shooting. Buy 458 Socom Ammo, Xtreme Guns And Ammo.

As of this writing, you can typically find these rounds for $3.65 /round and they typically

come in 20 round boxes. That’s a bit higher than other alternative AR-15 platform calibers such as 300 blackout.

You can typically find the 458 SOCOM at All Guns Shop ,also they have a solid selection of ammo.

Some of the major manufacturers making 458 SOCOM ammo are Buffalo Bore, Federal, and SBR Ammo.


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