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Speer was known as something of a mechanical whiz kid. His father, a former farmer, took up mechanical tasks, eventually leaving the family farm to work for Maytag’s

engineering department. Dick’s experience as a machinist at Boeing Aircraft’s Seattle plant gave him the ability to produce quality cases, which began in a small room at his

brother’s Speer Bullets plant. The component bullet business was already booming at his brother’s factory. Speer saw that as an opportunity for making reloaders and more

specialized ammunition for competitive shooters.  Speer Bullets had already made a mark in the world of ammunition. Jacketed bullets, gun supplies for sportsmen and

ammunition loading equipment were its main wheelhouses. Reloader manuals produced by the company were generally considered to be “Bibles” of the craft. It was from this

pedigree that Richard emerged.The first place Speer and partner Arvid Nelson found success was manufacturing proprietary rifle cartridges for smaller ammunition

manufacturers like Newton and Weatherby. CCI Ammunition, CCIAmmunition, CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt, Buy CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt.

CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt

The bigger ammo companies weren’t providing adequate support, so Speer and partner stepped in to fill the gap. This is when Speer left Seattle and settled in Lewiston. After

two name changes prompted by confusion with Speer’s brother’s company (they were first known as “Forged from Solid” before briefly trading under the “Speer Cartridge

Works” moniker), the pair settled on the CCI name known around the globe today.The manufacturing quality was already in place. However, World War II had created a

scarcity of the necessary raw materials. The war effort had eaten up cartridge-quality brass, but there was one product allowing Speer the opportunity to produce a quality

product that was in very short supply – component primers for reloaders. While their intention was to build primers for hobby reloaders, their first shipment was actually to

fulfill a military contract. Speer went on to create non-corrosive and non-mercuric sporting cartridges. CCI Ammunition, CCIAmmunition, BuyCCI Big 4 Shotshell

Ammunition 45 Colt , CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt.

 Buy CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt

Centerfire handgun shotshells have proven themselves for close-range pests. CCI Big 4 loads extend the range and capabilities of these downsized shotshells thanks to a

payload of No. 4 lead shot. The resulting energy and patterns enable Big 4 loads to take down larger pests at longer distances making them even more

useful.Features:Centerfire handgun shotshells No. 4 lead payload delivers more energy and longer range than conventional handgun shotshells Packed in resuable boxes of 10

shotshells Available in a variety of popular calibersimageFor more of our great selection of the best 45 Colt ammo, also known as 45 Long Colt ammo (.45 LC), check out our

extensive collection at outstanding prices. CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt, Buy CCI Big 4 Shotshell Ammunition 45 Colt.



CCI/Speer CCI, Blank, 22S, Blank 44

• 100 count

More Information
Caliber .22 Short
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 44
Model Noise Blank Smokeless
Type Blanks
UPC 076683000446


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