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Crosman was incorporated in 1924 as Crosman Rifle Company. Crosman’s first airguns were multi-pump pneumatics, which continue to be a mainstay of their product line in

both rifles and pistols today. Crosman, as a company, has undergone many transitions, acquiring companies like Sheridan and Benjamin, as well as being acquired by various

parties and entities over the years. Currently, Crosman, along with all its subsidiaries, is held by Velocity Outdoors. Crosman

Crosman air guns quickly grew beyond the multi-pump pneumatics and entered the CO2 airgun market, the springer  gas ram market, and ultimately the PCP Airgun market.

Under the Benjamin brand, Crosman forever changed the US airgunning community by introducing the first-ever all-in-one PCP pellet gun package, the Benjamin Discovery.

The Benjamin Marauder followed soon after, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Crosman Ak1

Velocity Outdoors continues to develop and market many styles of airguns under its core Crosman (mistakenly spelled Crossman sometimes) brand. It’s here you’ll find some

of the most popular Crosman pellet guns of all time. Products like the 1322 and 1377, along with the 2240 and the Crosman bb gun, Pumpmaster 760, continue to drive home

the value and airgunning fun Crosman has always created with its products.

Modern Crosman airgun products continue to push the envelope with fully automatic licensed replica CO2 rifles and new refreshers of their long-standing core products.

Beyond the CO2 and multi-pump airgun products, Crosman has also developed a line of high-powered spring and gas ram airguns. These airguns deliver a lot of energy and

precision out of a single cocking stroke and maintain the core values that started nearly 100 years ago.

From backyard plinkers to pest control, to adult precision break barrels, to tactical training CO2 replicas, all the way up to national competition air rifles, Crosman air gun

covers a lot of ground for today’s airgunners. Here are some of their key features and technologies that help them maintain their stature in the US market,Crosman, Crosman

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As an alternative to traditional lead pellets, use Powershot ammo. The outstanding ballistic properties enhance long-range shooting for hunter, target, and recreational

shooters. These belted pointed pellets hold their shape on impact for better penetration. 0617-0435: Gold Flight Penetrators, increased stability for long-range shooting. 125

Count. 0617-0436:Fast Flight Penetrators. For Maximum penetration and superior velocity. 150 Count. 0617-0437: .22 Red Flight Penetrators for superior penetration. 100

Count. Crosman, Crosman Air Rifle, Crosmen ,  Crosman 2240, Crosman Ak1,  Buy Crossman air rifle, Crossman air rifles.

Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number LF1785
Type Air Gun Ammo
UPC 028478137240


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