Federal 30-06 180GR TRO COPR V-SHOK


Federal 30 06 | Federal 30-06 | Federal 30-06 Ammo Grain.

The U.S. military introduced 30-06 ammo back in 1906 to feed their standard service rifle. Over time, the.30-caliber round, pronounced “thirty-aught-six”, replaced a number of other military cartridges, but proved to be incredibly capable for a variety of weaponry. So capable, in fact, the U.S. military and allied forces continued to use .30-06 ammo in rifles and machine guns for almost 70 years. It was replaced by the current standard 5.56mm and 7.62mm. Today, the .30-06 Springfield cartridge remains popular among sportsmen like competitive shooters and hunters.image

One reason the 30-06 round was so popular was that it was designed to be effective at longer ranges. Although it’s available in a variety of weights and designs, a 180-grain 30-06 bullet is fairly common. On paper, the .30-06 cartridge has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 feet-per-second and 2,913 foot-pounds of energy. Going the distance, velocity drops to 1,667 fps at 500 yards and 1,111 ft-lbs of energy,Federal 30 06, Federal 30-06, Federal 30-06 Ammo Grain, Federal power shok 30-60, Buy Federal 30- 60, Federal 30-60 ammo grain. Find  federal 30-06   ammunition for sale on All Guns Shop where we carry popular brands like Federal premium, winchester ammunition, Hornady, and more. We offer more than just a great selection of ammo, too. We also offer free shipping on most orders $49 or more. Browse 30-06 ammo and buy a box today!

Federal power shok 30-60, Buy Federal 30- 60 ammo, Federal 30-60 ammo grain

The only tag these loads won’t fill is the price tag. The traditional lead-core hunting bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle loads provide solid accuracy and power at an affordable price. They feature reliable Federal brass, primers and powder and are suited to a wide variety of medium and big game.  Federal power shok 30-60, Buy Federal 30- 60 ammo, Federal 30-60 ammo grain.

  • Consistent, proven performance.
  • Load and bullet designs for everything from varmints to big game
  • Affordably priced
Federal P3006TC1 Premium CF Rifle Bilingual 30-06 Sprg 180Gr Trophy Copper
Caliber .30-06
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Silver
Manufacturer Part Number P3006TC1
Model Premium Vital-Shok Centerfire Rifle
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 029465063535


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