HK SP5 | SP5K | HK SP5K | MP5 For Sale.

The HK SP5 is really the only sub-gun pistol worth comparing to the MP5.

Since the MP5 for the most part is illegal for citizens to own in the United States,

Heckler & Koch built the semi-automatic HK SP5 as a damn near one-for-one

alternative, HK SP5, SP5K, HK SP5K, MP5 For Sale.

Built on the same assembly line as the legendary MP5 in Orbendorf, Germany,

there is no reason why you shouldn’t own one. I grew up on the 80s and 90s action

movies such as Lethal Weapon and Navy SEALs. Both movies featured the HK MP5.,

HK SP5 For Sale, SP5, All Guns Shop.

As a young boy, I always wanted to have one of my own; now I can.  As we all know,

the MP5 reached legendary status with the British SAS in the Iranian Embassy

Hostage situation. From this point on, everyone in the world became intrigued

and infatuated with this unique automatic submachine gun.

HK SP5 For Sale | SP5 | All Guns Shop.

The SP5 was built with a new bolt-carrier group, known as the F Bolt-Carrier Group, which

increases the overall effectiveness of the gun. The following parts have been modified from

the MP5 to make this gun more accurate and easy to shoot:

  • Improved firing pin
  • Much better retainer spring
  • smaller bolt carrier neck
  • Better recoil spring retainer for even more reduction in felt recoil
  • Larger bolt carrier recoil

The 8″ barrel of the HK SP5 provides improved ballistics to the 9mm round being fired. 6″ is

generally the optimal barrel length for many pistol caliber carbines, but HK optimized the SP5,HK SP5 Near Me.

with an 8″ barrel giving you the best performance possible out of this compact firearm.  The improved

ballistics are more noticeable with heavier bullets and +P loads. HK SP5 For Sale, SP5, All Guns Shop.

For example, Black Hills 124gr +P loads clocked an impressive 1,430 feet-per-second coming out of the 8″ barrel.

Why is this so impressive? Well, with this type of ballistic performance, you’re getting into 357 Magnum territory

with a 9mm +P cartridge.

H&K SP5 Specs

Overall Length 17.8″
Barrel Length 8.86″
Height 8.86″
Caliber 9x19mm
Weight 5.1 lbs
Weight (empty mag) 5.49 lbs (30-round mag)
Weight (loaded mag) About 7 lbs
Magazine Capacity 10/15/30
Trigger Pull Weight 6.7-10.1 lbs of force (30-45 Newton)
Trigger Travel .24″
Return Travel .12″
Action Semi-Auto
Safety Manual
MSRP $2,800
Rate of Fire 800/min
Width 2.4″


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