Hornady Critical Duty Handgun Ammo


Hornady Critical Duty |  9mm Critical Duty |Critical Duty 9mm.

Hornady Critical Duty load is designed to meet the needs of those who demand superior barrier penetration and prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection.

Bright nickel-plated cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light. Additionally, all Critical Duty ammunition is loaded with low flash propellant to help preserve night vision

in low-light firing. The FlexLock bullet incorporates two revolutionary Hornady features to deliver superior barrier penetration and consistent performance. A large

mechanical jacket-to-core InterLock band works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention, while the Flex Tip eliminates clogging and aids

bullet expansion. The core is made of high-antimony lead making it extremely tough, delivering controlled expansion for unparalleled terminal performance consistency, and is

more economical than similar bonded bullets. Hornady Critical Duty,  9mm Critical Duty, Critical Duty 9mm, Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135gr, Buy critical duty ammo near

me, critical duty ammo.

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Critical duty handgun ammunition was developed to provide the best performance for DEFENSIVE or PERSONAL PROTECTION SITUATIONS and is the ultimate

choice for any short barreled, concealed carry style firearm.The FTX bullets loaded in all Critical Defense handgun ammunition are designed to expand and provide the

terminal performance needed for close encounters often associated with personal protection situations. Given that, Critical Defense is NOT intended for use in extreme (law

enforcement) situations that require superior barrier performance. The FTX bullet will expand reliably and will not clog like standard hollow point bullets when fired through

heavy clothing. Additionally, Critical Defense ammunition IS optimized for short barreled, concealed carry style handguns and will not deliver excessive recoil and associated

muzzle flip. Buy critical duty ammo near me, critical duty ammo.

Critical Duty Handgun Ammo Specifications

  • Brand: Hornady
  • Category: Centerfire Handgun Rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Model: Critical Duty
  • Bullet Weight: 135 gr
  • Rounds Per Box: 25
  • Casing Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Application: Performance, Protection
  • Boxes Per Case: 10
  • Bullet Type: FlexLock
  • Muzzle Energy: 369 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1110 fps
  • Rating: P
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 25
Condition New in Box
Finish Per Color Nickel
Manufacturer Part Number 90226
Model Critical Duty Handgun Ammo
Type Handgun Ammo
UPC 090255902266



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