M855 A1 | M855 | M855 Green Tip | M855 Ammo.

M855, NATO wanted to standardize a rifle caliber. The United States ditched the 7.62 NATO for

the 5.56, and NATO took notice. From 1977 to 1980, a series of tests were conducted with numerous

small caliber, fast, little rounds designed for modern assault rifles. These included some odd ducks

like the 4.7x33mm caseless. These rounds faced off against the American 5.56 and a 5.56 load by

Belgium known as the SS109.

As usual, we all couldn’t agree on a rifle, but we could compromise on a caliber and a load.

This was to be the SS109. This round was designed initially to increase the range and

effectiveness of the Belgian Minimi, which would become the M249 SAW. The design

used a 62-grain projectile that wore a steel “penetrator” tip but had a lead rear.

M855 A1, M855, M855 Green Tip, M855 Ammo.

The penetrator tip did not make the round an armor-piercing projectile. Instead, having

Soviet helmets in mind, they designed the round to penetrate 3.5mm of mild steel at

600 meters. The global threat at the time was the Soviet Union, and the round reflects that.

The United States military designated the round as the M855, and it became the service

cartridge of the U.S. military and most of NATO. Yet, a round designed to pierce Soviet

helmets turned out to be rather ineffective at everything else.

M193 Vs M855 | M855 Vs M193 | M855 For Sale.

The AR-15 is America’s most popular rifle, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, accurate,

easy to shoot, and you can run it as a rifle, carbine, or pistol, thanks to its modular design.

An AR-15 can also shoot a wide variety of 5.56mm ammunition. Some variants are set up

to run 40-grain small game loads. Other mil-spec rifles prefer heavier 77-grain freedom

pills that work well with suppressors. M193 Vs M855, M855 Vs M193, M855 For Sale.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at two of the more popular types of 5.56mm ammunition

for the AR-15. 62 grain M855 vs M193 running at 55 grains.


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