Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115GR FMJ 50rds


Sellier And Bellot | Sellier And Bellot Ammo Review.

Sellier and Bellot has long been respected for its quality, precision and reliability. FMJ loads offer a rigid design for smooth penetration that doesn’t deform on

impact. This is excellent ammo forpractice, recreational shooters, serious competitive handgun shooting sports, Bullseye Competitors shooting, Action Pistol Shooting

Matches, and Silhouette Shooters. Also anexcellent home defense round. Sellier and Bellot Ammo 9mm, Sellier And Bellot, Sellier And Bellot Ammo Review,Buy Sellier and

Bellot Ammo.Sellier & Bellot loads their buckshot shotshells in premium plastic hulls with high brass bases to cycle flawlessly in any shotgun action. High-quality primers and

powders result in ultra-reliable ignition. Buckshot is extremely versatile ammunition, well suited for big game hunting, pest control on farms and ranches, as well as home

defense. Choose from a wide range of pellet size and powder charges to match your specific needs.

Buy Sellier and Bellot Ammo.

French born German businessman Louis Sellier founded Sellier & Belot in 1825 on August 5th. Obviously, his name is one of the two found in the company’s name. Sellier was

asked by the Austrian Emperor Francis I to manufacture percussion caps for his military and their firearms. Soon after starting work on the percussion, Louis Sellier gained a

smart and hard working business partner, Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot. With Sellier’s manufacturing capability and know-how, and the relentless drive and passion of Bellot,

they pushed their little ammo company forward again and again.

Sellier & Bellot is currently owned and operated by a company known as CBC or Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos. CBC is a South American ammunition manufacturer and

holds the esteemed position of being one of the largest ammo makers in the world. Buy Sellier and Bellot Ammo.

CBC is imports ammo made in their Brazilian facility located in the Sao Paulo area (Magtech). Even though Sellier and Bellot is currently owned by CBC, they have a long

history of manufacturing ammo in the Czech Republic.


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