Sig Sauer Ammo OTM Match 300WIN 190 Grain 20/200


Sig Sauer Ammo | Sig Sauer Ammo 9mm Ammo | Sig Sauer  40 S&W Ammo.

Sig Sauer ammo designed Elite Performance V-Crown Handgun Ammo to provide superior reliability and terminal performance for personal defense. The innovative V-Crown bullet

features a stacked hollow-point with a wide opening along with V-shaped jacket skives and scores to initiate expansion at all effective distances and velocities. A unique toothed

cannelure, halfway up the shank, effectively locks the jacket to the core, ensuring maximum weight retention for thorough penetration. The brass cases have a Techni-Crom

coating for superior corrosion resistance, and it has enhanced lubricity for reliable feeding and extraction. Sig Sauer designed Elite Performance V-Crown Handgun Ammo to

ballistically match their cost-effective Elite Performance FMJ ammunition, providing shooters an economical method of handgun training without having to adjust handgun

sights when switching from one type of ammunition to another, Sig Sauer Ammo, Sig Sauer Ammo 9mm Ammo, Sig Sauer 40 S&W Amm , Buy Sig Sauer Ammo.

Buy Sig Sauer Ammo.

Sig Sauer Ammunition is made in the United States. It offers premium quality ammo for personal defense, law enforcement, and more. Sig Ammo is maivly known for its high-

quality self-defense rounds called V-Crown and some of the Military Grade 9mm ammunition loads such as the M17 9mm Ammo, Buy Sig Sauer Ammo.

  • Superior terminal performance for personal defense
  • V-Crown stacked hollow-point bullet
  • Toothed cannelure locks jacket to core
  • Techni-Crom coated brass cases
  • Ballistically matched to Sig FMJ ammo

This Sig Sauer Match Grade ammunition features an open tip match bullet that is ideal for hunting or targeting.

Brand: Sig Sauer Inc
Caliber: 300 Winchester Magnum
Bullet Type: Open Tip Match
Bullet Weight: 190 GR
Muzzle Energy: 3426 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 2850 fps
Rounds Per Box: 20
Boxes Per Case: 25
Application: Hunting/Target
Length: 5.9
Width: 3.6
Height: 1.4


Caliber .300 Win Mag
Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number E3WMM1-20
Model OTM Match Ammo
Type Rifle Ammo
UPC 798681552955


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